Organization Chart

Marijn Dekkers (Chairman) (Photo)

Marijn Dekkers1

M. Arnold Corporate Office

H. Heitmann Communications, Government Relations and Corporate Brand

A. Rosar Investor Relations

R. Schwarz Internal Audit

Johannes Dietsch (Finance) (Photo)

Johannes Dietsch

P. Müller

U. Rahenbrock2

G. Schildmeyer
Corporate Controlling

B.-P. Bier

R. Hartwig
Law, Patents & Compliance

T. Udesen

V. Hahn
Regional Coordination

D. Hartert
Business Services

Werner Baumann (Strategy & Portfolio Management) (Photo)

Werner Baumann1
Strategy & Portfolio Management

T.-P. Hausner

F. Rittgen
Mergers & Acquisitions

M. Vehreschild
Country & Functional Excellence

Hartmut Klusik (Human Resources, Technology & Sustainability) (Photo)

Hartmut Klusik*
Human Resources, Technology & Sustainability

H.-U. Groh
Human Resources & Organization

C. Pörtner
Corporate Technology & Manufacturing

A. Knors
Technology Services

W. Große Entrup3
Environment & Sustainability

H. Klusik
Product Supply4

G. Hilken

Kemal Malik (Innovation) (Photo)

Kemal Malik

A. Bouchon
Bayer Life Science Center

M. Lessl
Corporate Innovation and Research & Development

J. Federer
Digital Development

Dieter Weinand (Pharmaceuticals) (Photo)

Dieter Weinand

J. Triana

S. Guth
Strategic Marketing

A. Busch
Drug Discovery

J. Möller

M. Devoy
Chief Medical Officer

R. Franzen
Commercial Operations EMEA5

P. Blake
Commercial Operations Americas

W. Jiang
Commercial Operations China & APAC6

C. Brunn
Commercial Operations Japan

Erica Mann (Consumer Health) (Photo)

Erica Mann
Consumer Health

O. Mauroy-Bressier

N. N.
Strategic Marketing

J. O’Mullane
Innovation & Development

J. Ohle
Commercial Operations International

N. Bartner
Commercial Operations North America

L. Yuen
Commercial Operations China

N. N.
Division Operations

T. Hayes

Liam Condon (Crop Science) (Photo)

Liam Condon
Crop Science

M. A. Schulz

D. Backhaus
Product Supply

M. Reichardt
Agricultural Commercial Operations

A. Percy
Research & Development

M. Kremer
Crop Strategies & Portfolio Management

B. Naaf
Business Affairs & Communications

T. Menne
Digital Farming

J. Applegate
Environmental Science

D. Ehle
Animal Health

* Labor Director
1 Effective May 1, 2016, Werner Baumann will become the new Chairman of the Board of Management of Bayer AG. Dr. Marijn Dekkers will leave the company at his own request on April 30, 2016.
2 Until March 31, 2016; B.-P Bier from April 1, 2016
3 From July 1, 2016 part of the Corporate Health, Safety & Sustainability function headed by K. van Laak
4 Hartmut Klusik will remain in charge of the current Product Supply function for Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Health and Animal Health during the transitional phase until the corresponding units have been set up in the Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Health divisions and at Animal Health and are fully operational.
5 Europe / Middle East / Africa
6 Asia / Pacific