9. Safety

Safety management and the continuous development of a safety culture are a cornerstone of corporate responsibility in the Bayer Group. Preventing accidents and incidents in day-to-day work, when operating production facilities, and on work-related travel and transportation routes where people or the environment could suffer harm or damage has top priority for us. Responsibility for health, safety, environmental protection and quality ( HSEQ stands for health, safety, environment and quality. ) thus lies directly with the Bayer Board of Management. Our HSEQ activities are geared toward ensuring occupational health and safety, the smooth and safe operation of our facilities, and the safe transportation of our products. In this way, we also reduce running costs by avoiding damage and disruptions to work and production.

At the Group level, responsibilities and framework conditions for HSEQ are regulated through appropriate directives such as our new Bayer Group Regulation “Safety at the Bayer Group.” Operational responsibility lies with the boards of management / executive boards of the respective subgroups and service companies and the corresponding line organizations, which have their own management systems, committees and working groups to steer HSEQ stands for health, safety, environment and quality. . Continuous review and revision of directives and regular internal audits and external certification processes ensure our HSEQ management systems at all sites meet the specific requirements in each case.

Our safety management is based on four pillars:

Safety Pillars

Safety Pillars (graph)Safety Pillars (graph)