10. Environmental Protection

Bayer takes its responsibility to protect the environment very seriously. We are continuously working to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities and find innovative product solutions that benefit the environment. Our environmental standards apply worldwide.

An efficient approach to raw materials and energy is now both an ecological and economic imperative. Eco-efficient processes help reduce environmental impact and at the same time cut the costs associated with materials, energy, emissions and disposal.

Our use of energy sources, water and other resources, as well as the emissions and waste we generate, are determined to a great extent by just a few factors. Our product portfolio and demand for our products determine the use of materials and energy. At the same time, we continuously improve our production processes to make them more resource-friendly and lower the emissions they generate. We measure how efficiently we use our resources in relation to manufactured sales volume, which does not include intermediates.

Responsibilities and framework conditions for health, safety, environmental protection and quality ( HSEQ stands for health, safety, environment and quality. ) are stipulated at the Group level, with Group regulations, targets and performance indicators (KPIs), among other things, serving this purpose. In the field of environmental protection (from, for example, resource use to air, water and soil emissions and waste generation), operational management takes place at the subgroup level, with the aid of HSEQ management systems, committees and working groups.

Our commitment to environmental protection, health and safety extends beyond the scope of legal requirements. It includes factoring in environmental aspects in a particular way and performing a voluntary ecological assessment for capital expenditure projects exceeding €10 million. In the case of acquisitions, we examine prior to the transaction whether the applicable environmental and occupational safety regulations and fundamental employee rights are complied with at the production sites in question.