1.3 Group Strategy

Our mission “Bayer: Science For A Better Life” continues to guide our endeavors. The steadily growing and aging global population needs new and better medicines and an adequate food supply. With our Life Science innovations, we offer answers to these challenges.

Our objective: Profitable growth

Our corporate strategy is aligned toward profitable growth that will increase the company’s value in the long term. As well as expanding in growth markets, we attach special importance to the development of new products that create significant value for our stakeholders.

The foundation for our success: Innovation

Science-based innovations have made us the globally successful company we are today. Going forward, we will continue to strengthen this important foundation for our success. In 2016 alone, we plan to invest around €4.5 billion in research and development – more than ever before. Our scientists will continue to collaborate across divisional boundaries, supported in part by the new Bayer Life Science Center, which has been created to identify innovative technologies developed by startups and universities and make them available for our fields of activity. We are also driving forward new business models that include utilizing the opportunities offered by digitization for our company and our customers.

Icon-employees.pngIcon-employees.png A fundamental premise: Sustainability

Sustainable business practices are essential to our company’s future viability. We apply our scientific expertise and innovation strength to help solve global challenges. Our goal in developing, manufacturing and marketing our products is to balance commercial success with societal and ecological requirements while increasing enterprise value. We aim to ensure broad social acceptance for our business through responsible practices in areas such as product stewardship, environmental protection, safety, compliance, supplier management and human resources policy, taking into account the expectations of relevant stakeholders.

Icon-sustainability.pngIcon-sustainability.png Our most important resource: The employees

Our employees are the key to our company’s success. We therefore create a working environment in which each employee can unfold his or her full potential, drive forward innovations and achieve performance excellence. Our objective as an employer is to partner an employee throughout his or her career and not just at a certain phase. We live up to this aspiration with flexible worktime models, a firm commitment to social responsibility and the provision of wide-ranging development opportunities across the company. A diverse employee structure is also vital for our company’s future competitiveness. We therefore strive for a good cultural and gender balance in all areas.