11. Other Operating Expenses

Other operating expenses were comprised as follows:

Other Operating Expenses








€ million


€ million

2014 figures restated

Losses on retirements of noncurrent assets





Impairment losses on receivables





Expenses related to significant legal risks





Losses from derivatives





Miscellaneous operating expenses










of which special items





The losses on retirements of noncurrent assets included €6 million in expenses for the termination of rice breeding activities in Brazil.

Impairment losses of €91 million were recognized in 2015 on receivables from the Venezuelan exchange control authority. Of this amount, the Pharmaceuticals segment accounted for €67 million, Consumer Health for €7 million, CropScience for €13 million, Covestro for €3 million and the Corporate Center for €1 million. Details are provided in Note [4].

The €151 million in expenses for significant legal risks mainly included accounting measures taken in connection with legal proceedings relating to the products Luna™, LL Rice™ and Xarelto™.

The miscellaneous operating expenses included €38 million in restructuring charges related to the legal carve-out of the Covestro Group, of which the Corporate Center segment accounted for €30 million and Covestro for €8 million. Consumer Health incurred expenses of €41 million for the integration of the business acquired from Merck & Co., Inc., United States.

As in the previous year, the remaining amount of miscellaneous operating expenses comprised a large number of individually immaterial items at the subsidiaries.

In 2014, the losses on retirements of noncurrent assets included €173 million from the derecognition of the goodwill allocated to the Pharmaceuticals segment in connection with the pharmaceutical collaboration between Bayer and Merck & Co., Inc., United States.

The miscellaneous operating expenses in 2014 included €10 million in restructuring charges, which were incurred entirely by Covestro. Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Health incurred expenses of €12 million and €71 million, respectively, for the integration of acquired businesses.